On your next vacation, you’ll want to capture all the fun and relaxation you enjoy. Post to social media to brag or keep them for yourself to remember all of your Orange Beach experiences. Make this Orange Beach trip memorable and score some beautiful and stunning pictures with a trip to the beach and crashing waves of the Gulf of Mexico and the Alabama shores. Choose Orange Beach and the surrounding area as your ultimate destination and start planning the fun, sun, sand, and water-filled days that will no doubt be picture perfect. There are plenty of things to see and do while you’re here, indoors and out, and make sure to snap a pic at each locale. First, you’ll want to make sure to book a private vacation rental with Poole & Associates so you can enjoy time with loved ones in private when you’re not out getting pictures and experiencing the beach.

The Wharf Murals

Many popular vacation locations have fun, postcard-like murals with phrases like “Greetings From Orange Beach!” and other captions. The Wharf in Orange Beach is no exception. Near the movie theater you’ll find such an eye-catching mural on the side of Pepper Palace. Another mural, geared toward the anglers of the group, can be found on the side of The Spice & Tea Exchange, while yet another that everyone will love can be found by The Wharf Store.

The Wharf Ferris Wheel

Another picture-worthy spot at The Wharf is the Ferris wheel. The towering wheel stands 112-feet tall and is one of the largest in the Southeastern United States. Come in the evening to snap a pic in front of the wheel’s color-changing lights, then hop aboard to get breathtaking views from up high.

Cool Shots Selfie Museum

There’s no better place to take a selfie than a museum that celebrates the art. Located at The Wharf, the 4,900-square-foot facility boasts 50 fun and immersive backdrops for your selfies of you and all your loved ones.

Souvenir City

This is a “two birds with one stone” kind of place. The entrance boasts an awesome and enormous great white shark. You’ll enter through the toothy jaws, but don’t worry about getting bitten. Take your pic, then head inside to find fun and interesting souvenirs “for everyone one your list.” The store has been a staple of the Gulf Shores area since 1956.

The Hangout

A great place to “hang out,” the waterfront restaurant also has several great photo ops. Take a seat and snap a pic in the giant Adirondack chair. Head inside for a shot in front of the wall of vintage lunch boxes or pose with the surfer statue. The big can’t-miss is the giant Shaka! Make sure to raise your own before taking a picture.

Flora-Bama State Line

Several other spots in the country celebrate the meeting of two or more states. Orange Beach is no different. Make your way to the famed Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar and be sure to snap some pics. The restaurant is billed as the “last great American roadhouse” its address is in Florida, just barely over the Alabama/Florida state line. Make sure to get a picture of the sign marking the exact spot where the two states meet.

Adirondack Chairs

While The Hangout has its own, there are others scattered all around Orange Beach and the surrounding area. Sit back and relax in the wooden chairs, and make sure to take a few pics – of the chairs as well as you seated in them. Most visitors flock to the ones found at the Gulf Shores City Store or the Orange Beach Waterfront Park pier.


If you can’t make it to Stonehenge in England, stop at the one in Orange Beach! Just north of the beach at Barber Marina, you’ll find a full-scale replica of stunning prehistoric monument. Made out of fiberglass, the megaliths are aligned with the summer solstice, meaning if you plan your trip right, your pictures will mimic the original!

Picture Perfect Orange Beach

When you and your loved ones book a picture taking-filled getaway to Orange Beach with Poole & Associates, you won’t be short on amazing activities to fill your time. Enjoy the water, lounge around your rental, or enjoy the myriad of other activities available to help build a picture perfect Orange Beach vacation that is uniquely yours. Choose from a one-bedroom unit all the way up to a four-bedroom home. Savor the taste of home when you prepare a home-cooked meal in the unit’s fully equipped kitchen. Enjoy spacious living areas and private outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Unwind in a private bedroom or gather some snacks and enjoy your favorite movies together on a flat screen TV with entertainment center in the living or entertainment space.

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