There are some people we meet in life that always seem to have everything put together. They find the lowest prices on airfare and vacation homes, having spent weeks watching the sales, they make up itineraries that can be as long as 20 pages, breaking down every activity to the 15-minute mark, and quite frankly, they make us feel very tired, even as we admire them greatly. But today, we at Poole & Associates would like to take a moment today to celebrate the procrastinators in our midst, the travelers who live life on the fly, who forget to make plans until it’s almost time to step on the plane, and this guide to planning a last minute trip to Gulf Shores will show you all the ways this Alabama vacation will be one you will never forget, especially when you stay in one of our last minute Gulf Shores rentals!

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You Don’t Always Need to Plan Ahead to Save Money

There’s no need to envy the planners in life, especially when it comes to saving money on your vacation accommodations. Our main goal, as vacation property managers, is seeing that every property we offer is rented every night of the year, and although that is a goal that is almost impossible to achieve, we often offer some enticements in the form of last-minute deals, to make it happen as often as possible. So while it can be a good thing to plan ahead, you, our likeminded procrastinator, it can also be an even better thing to wait until the last minute!

Every Space Is the Best Space

If you have ever been forced to stay in a hotel room at the last minute—perhaps a flat tire delayed your journey by a few hours, or you waited a little too long to book—you know the pain of taking whatever room is available. The rooms by the elevators include nights of sleep interrupted by the ding of the bell announcing yet another late-night arrival, the sound of the ice machine being continually in use through all hours of the night and the accompanying loud laughter and chatter of the inconsiderate guests partaking of that ice, the not-so-stunning views of dumpsters that look like they probably smell bad are all reasons you may have regretted your last-minute trips, but with Poole & Associates, there are no bad properties. We work hard to ensure that every guest feels pampered and spoiled, and it shows in every property we offer.

Want to Save More? Book Direct!

Could you find the vacation home or condo of your dreams on one of those popular vacation rental websites? Absolutely, you could, but because you did your last-minute scrolling by visiting our Poole & Associates website directly, you can save even more. We like to reward our guests who go the extra mile to find us, but it is more than that. Those vacation rental sites are sure convenient, but they charge us when you rent from them, and because they charge you as well, you can save even more and will still enjoy all the comforts, luxuries, and amenities you expect from our company, which means you are going to enjoy more for less. And we can’t think of anyone who might have a problem with that math, unless it is the vacation rental websites that aren’t getting your money.

Short Notice Adventures Outside

When your journey doesn’t offer much time for planning things, it’s ok, because all of these outdoor activities never require advance notice, ensuring that your stay with us will be filled with fun and excitement; take a moment to explore these fresh air adventures we have listed below.

Savor the Sunshine at Waterville USA/Escape House, 906 Gulf Shores Parkway

Your Summer adventures will be even more fun when you spend a day at Waterville USA/ Escape Park and if you just arrived in town today, we encourage you to go to their website and purchase same day tickets. They won’t sell out and you will have a fabulous time sliding, splashing, and feeling the waves in their wave park. Wawa World offers pint sized slides and activities for the pint-sized travelers in your family.

Road Trip to Alligator Alley, 19950 County Road 71 in Summerdale

Located just under 20 miles away from the waters of Gulf Shores, (Don’t worry, you will be back at the beach in no time!) Alligator Alley offers a fascinating chance to get up close and personal with over 450 alligators. This sanctuary is open every day from 10 AM until 5 PM, providing a safe home for the cold-blooded creatures while keeping visitors a safe distance away. Grab some alligator chow and feed the little gators from your perch on the elevated boardwalk, check out the pigs that make their home at the sanctuary, and if you miss the 11 AM feeding of the big gators, you will have two more chances to catch the show at 1:00 PM and 4 PM.

The Beach Is Always Waiting

For many, the white sand beaches of Gulf Shores are the entire reason they visit, and the good news is that no pre-planning is necessary! The even better news is that your stay will be filled with serenity, salt air, and a sense of wonder as you spend the day relaxing, swimming, and frolicking in the surf. This adventure is the one, above all, that will actually reward you for taking a trip on short notice as the sea may operate on its own timetable, but it is a timetable that no one else needs to keep.

Having Fun in Gulf Shores at the Last Minute

Southerners are a casual breed, taking their cues from the natural world, and because the sea still ebbs and flows whether you planned your visit months ago or whether you thought about it last week and hopped on the plane yesterday, you will still enjoy all that Gulf Shores has to offer with no sacrifices and the examples we have listed below will give you a little something extra to look forward and fortunately, you won’t have to anticipate the fun you can have for long.

Take in a Show at the South Baldwin Community Theater, 2022 W 2nd Street

A visit to New York at the last minute could mean that you miss out on tickets to the most popular Broadway plays, especially as the best ones sell out on a regular basis. Our South Baldwin Community Theater, however, won’t sell out, and we can promise that the performers will perform at the caliber of those New York shows, there just may be a little more Southern twang involved.

The Beer Is Always Cold at Big Beach Brewing, 300 E 24th Avenue

It is always the perfect time for a cold beer, and Big Beach Brewing invites you to sip the best in town! Open every day at noon and offering live music on most weekends, their ten-barrel brewing system allows them to serve up to 12 different beers on tap. And guess what? They also won’t mind if you waited until the last minute to visit.

Release Your Inner Artist at the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach, 26389 Canal Road

Offering art classes in many different genres as well as serving as a gallery where guests can purchase stunningly beautiful souvenirs to remember their stay in the Gulf Shores area, the Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach offers an adventure that requires very little in the way of planning ahead. If you take a class, you will have to follow their schedule, of course, but the different classes, including glass and clay ones, are held on a pretty regular basis, so if you miss one, another will occur shortly thereafter.

Time to Dine

Although there will obviously be times when the lines are longer, procrastinating won’t inhibit the tasteful good times you can experience at our local restaurants! Our fully equipped kitchens are perfect for saving money, but could you really consider your vacation a successful one if you didn’t try out the restaurants we have listed below? Well, probably, but it definitely wouldn’t be as delicious!

Breakfast at Kitty’s Café, 3800 Gulf Shores Parkway #100

You may already know this, but it bears repeating: Southerners have taken the art of making breakfast to the next level of wonderful, and Kitty’s Café has perfected it even more. Offering fluffy pancakes the size of a dinner plate, grits that taste like the ones your Southern grandma would have made, and our most favorite version of Eggs Benedict ever, (Can you get any more Southern than a Fried Green Tomato Benedict?) we encourage you to make room on your itinerary for at least one breakfast at Kitty’s Café.

Lunch at The Beach House Kitchen and Cocktails, 1154 W Beach Boulevard #6200

No matter how hearty your breakfast was, by lunchtime the sun, the salt air, and the adventures you will enjoy under and in both, will ensure you are ready for a big seafood lunch (or burgers) at the Beach House Kitchen and Cocktails. Offering an expansive menu filled with sandwiches, burgers, salads, and, of course, the fresh and sweet seafood, sourced from the blue waters that surround us. Even better, even though their lunches are amazing, if you make the last-minute decision to make your meal there, the lines shouldn’t be long at all, and you should be able to get in soon!

Dinner at De Soto’s Seafood Kitchen, 138 W 1st Avenue

We’re sticking with the seafood theme for the last meal of the day, and De Soto’s Seafood Kitchen is one of our favorites and is a regular hangout for the locals. Winning the People’s Choice award for friendliest staff for 5 years in the last 15, we think that even if the food wasn’t the best in the state we would still want to eat there.

Choose Poole & Associates

We’ve explained all the ways you can save money even at short notice, but there is so much more to our Poole & Associates last minute beach rentals Gulf Shores AL that will elevate your Alabama vacation to new levels of comfort and luxury. Open the door to a vacation that will make all others pale in comparison, following the paths of high end flooring into rooms filled with treasures designed to make guests feel welcomed and at home.

Comfort Is Key

Feeling comfortable on vacation isn’t always a guarantee but we at Poole & Associates are working to change that fact. Offering plush furnishings including sofas that will be the cause of impromptu naps, premium beds topped with high thread count linens, and multiple areas to sit, relax, and savor the beauty of Alabama.

Modern Conveniences Matter Too

Dishwashers help make short work of kitchen chores, state of the art televisions provide another way to wind down after a long day of Gulf Shores fun, and high-speed internet will allow hard working travelers to keep up with any emergencies that may take place back at the office. Our properties are designed to provide guests with all the modern conveniences that make life easier and that’s another goal we love to achieve.

The Extras You Deserve

The amenities found in our vacation escapes ensure that your home sweet vacation home will be an integral part of your holiday experience. Private and community pools, barbecue grills, even private access to quiet and peaceful beaches are just a few of the extras that will make you feel spoiled and appreciated. Gulf views will be spectacular, but the less glamorous amenities, such as fully equipped laundry rooms or even laundry closets, will make you realize that we really do everything we can to make you feel welcomed and appreciated.

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Our last minute Gulf Shores rentals and condos will be the best part of a vacation experience that already tops all others!

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