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Traveling to the Alabama Coast is a year-round option for adventurers to enjoy but when you’re looking forward to quality time with the family, summer is an amazing season to embrace the best this area has to offer. From amazing shorelines and exciting activities to check out, there’s no shortage of fun for families traveling with little ones of all ages and interests! The following are just a few of the many summer activities on the Alabama Coast to add to your itinerary this year when a family-friendly summer getaway is a top priority.

Bask Under the Sun on the Beach

A highlight of nearly every family getaway to the Alabama Coast in the summer is time well-spent on scenic shorelines! Travelers of all ages will find the sugar-white sands across Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and more endlessly tantalizing and offering up days of fun to be enjoyed. In total, the Gulf Coast of Alabama hosts over 32 miles of beaches to check out, meaning there’s no shortage of options when it comes to summertime family entertainment outdoors. Little ones will love building sandcastles and searching for seashells while families with older kids in tow will find that options like boogie boarding, snorkeling, and swimming make for an unforgettable day of adventure too!

Give Parasailing a Try

If your family happens to be the type with a passion for adrenaline-pumping fun and you’re looking for a new perspective on the Alabama Coast this summer, booking a parasailing adventure is just the ticket. This activity is thrilling and offers family members a bird’s eye view of breathtaking terrain! There are a variety of local companies that offer parasailing adventures for families with gear equipped to handle up to three passengers at a time in some cases. Southern Rose Parasailing and Dolphin Cruises is a great starting point when you’re looking to add this summer fun activity to your Alabama Coast itinerary.

Make the Most of Mini-Golf

While the Alabama Coast is adorned with delightful and world-class golf courses for enthusiasts to check out this time of year, a family-focused adventure is always made memorable when you make time for a round of mini-golf that everyone can participate in! Mini-golf is a great choice for families traveling this way with kids of all ages. Those who are setting their travel sights more around Gulf Shores will find that a round or two at Pirate’s Island Adventure Golf is always a delight. Spending more time around Orange Beach? Be sure to check out Beachside Mini Golf or Adventure Island. Both options are worth your while and make for a great way to incorporate a bit of friendly competition into your family getaway as well.

Stroll The Wharf

When amusement park-style fun paired with epic scenery is exactly your family’s style, time spent strolling The Wharf this summer is sure to please. This boardwalk and beachfront attraction is a great place to enjoy time people watching, restaurant hopping, and of course, making the most of the thrills and rides as well. A ride around the Ferris Wheel is always an exciting option to add to the lineup of activities while taking in a concert at the on-site amphitheater is just as fun. The Wharf is also home to movie theaters, game rooms, and an arcade for those traveling with kids who can’t wait to incorporate a little screen time into the day as well. If you stick around until after the sun goes down, you can enjoy the nightly laser show that’s put on at this beloved destination during the summer months.

Cast a Line in Coastal Style

Many families bond over time spent casting a line in the summer and if you’re heading toward the Alabama Coast, you’ll have plenty of options to keep that tradition alive and well. Consider heading over to the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier with a pole and line in hand to make the most of a day of fun under the sun. This pier offers plenty of space to settle in and enjoy seeing what you reel in. There’s a bait shop nearby as well so you don’t have to worry about having everything with you upon arrival. Looking to get out on open water alongside a professional guide and see what you can catch? Booking a charter experience is the way to go. Both Island Marine Charters and Gulf Shores Fishing are good options to consider when you’re ready to book your on-the-water experience!

Book your Getaway Today and Enjoy Summer Activities on the Alabama Coast

Making the most of summer fun is easy to do when you set your travel sights on the Alabama Coast. Enjoying the luxury and style to match is just as simple for those who book a vacation rental through Poole & Associates. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible options and to start planning your summer adventure!