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On your next vacation, you’ll want to capture all the fun and relaxation you enjoy. Post to social media to brag or keep them for yourself to remember all of your Orange Beach experiences. Make this Orange Beach trip memorable and score some beautiful and stunning pictures with a trip to the beach and crashing waves of the Gulf of Mexico and the Alabama shores. Choose Orange Beach and the surrounding area as your ultimate destination and start planning the fun, sun, sand, and water-filled days that will no doubt be picture perfect. There are plenty of things to see and do while you’re here, indoors and out, and make sure to snap a pic at each locale. First, you’ll want to make sure to book a private vacation rental with Poole & Associates so you can enjoy time with loved ones in private when you’re not out getting pictures and experiencing the beach.

The Wharf Murals

Many popular vacation locations have fun, postcard-like murals with phrases like “Greetings From Orange Beach!” and other captions. The Wharf in Orange Beach is no exception. Near the movie theater you’ll find such an eye-catching mural on the side of Pepper Palace. Another mural, geared toward the anglers of the group, can be found on the side of The Spice & Tea Exchange, while yet another that everyone will love can be found by The Wharf Store.

The Wharf Ferris Wheel

Another picture-worthy spot at The Wharf is the Ferris wheel. The towering wheel stands 112-feet tall and is one of the largest in the Southeastern United States. Come in the evening to snap a pic in front of the wheel’s color-changing lights, then hop aboard to get breathtaking views from up high.

Cool Shots Selfie Museum

There’s no better place to take a selfie than a museum that celebrates the art. Located at The Wharf, the 4,900-square-foot facility boasts 50 fun and immersive backdrops for your selfies of you and all your loved ones.

Souvenir City

This is a “two birds with one stone” kind of place. The entrance boasts an awesome and enormous great white shark. You’ll enter through the toothy jaws, but don’t worry about getting bitten. Take your pic, then head inside to find fun and interesting souvenirs “for everyone one your list.” The store has been a staple of the Gulf Shores area since 1956.

The Hangout

A great place to “hang out,” the waterfront restaurant also has several great photo ops. Take a seat and snap a pic in the giant Adirondack chair. Head inside for a shot in front of the wall of vintage lunch boxes or pose with the surfer statue. The big can’t-miss is the giant Shaka! Make sure to raise your own before taking a picture.

Flora-Bama State Line

Several other spots in the country celebrate the meeting of two or more states. Orange Beach is no different. Make your way to the famed Flora-Bama Lounge & Oyster Bar and be sure to snap some pics. The restaurant is billed as the “last great American roadhouse” its address is in Florida, just barely over the Alabama/Florida state line. Make sure to get a picture of the sign marking the exact spot where the two states meet.

Adirondack Chairs

While The Hangout has its own, there are others scattered all around Orange Beach and the surrounding area. Sit back and relax in the wooden chairs, and make sure to take a few pics – of the chairs as well as you seated in them. Most visitors flock to the ones found at the Gulf Shores City Store or the Orange Beach Waterfront Park pier.


If you can’t make it to Stonehenge in England, stop at the one in Orange Beach! Just north of the beach at Barber Marina, you’ll find a full-scale replica of stunning prehistoric monument. Made out of fiberglass, the megaliths are aligned with the summer solstice, meaning if you plan your trip right, your pictures will mimic the original!

Picture Perfect Orange Beach

When you and your loved ones book a picture taking-filled getaway to Orange Beach with Poole & Associates, you won’t be short on amazing activities to fill your time. Enjoy the water, lounge around your rental, or enjoy the myriad of other activities available to help build a picture perfect Orange Beach vacation that is uniquely yours. Choose from a one-bedroom unit all the way up to a four-bedroom home. Savor the taste of home when you prepare a home-cooked meal in the unit’s fully equipped kitchen. Enjoy spacious living areas and private outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Unwind in a private bedroom or gather some snacks and enjoy your favorite movies together on a flat screen TV with entertainment center in the living or entertainment space.

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The need for a getaway that includes the ultimate in rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation can come at any time of year. Make beach relaxation a part of the experience, too, and point your compass to a locale full of fun, sun, sand, and water to go along with the relaxing spa vibes. A vacation in Orange Beach is the perfect place. Before you book all your spa treatments, the first thing to do is book a private vacation rental with Poole & Associates so you have a private place to complete your relaxation after a day of pampering.

Serenity at the Beach

Get pampered from head to toe figuratively and literally in Orange Beach. Treat your body to a variety of different massages, reflexology, or even a prenatal massage to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy. Facials, body polishes, and other treatments are available. The spa offers salon services. Men and women can enjoy a new style, cut, or color as well as a soothing botanical treatment or other service. Get your make up done by a professional or take a lesson on how to do it yourself when you get home. Hands and feet are tended to as well with manicures and pedicures with add-ons like salt exfoliation, cooling masque, or moisturizing paraffin dip. If you and your sweetheart want to enjoy a spa day, there is a wide menu of services offered in their couples’ room including massage, facial, and more.

The Beach Club Resort & Spa

Head to nearby Gulf Shores, where you don’t have to be a guest at the resort to get pampered! Start or end your experience in their Relaxation Room, where you can prepare to be pampered or soak in the relaxation before heading home. Experience a renewal and treat your whole body. Choose from an array of massages, mani/pedi treatments, facials, body wraps or scrubs, and a variety of add-ons to make your experience perfectly relaxing. They offer services “Just For Gentlemen” that include manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and more. Top things off with a new cut, color, or style at the salon, professional make up and special occasion packages.

CC’s Salon Day Spa & Boutique

Whole body renewal is the name of the game for Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area spas. The spa in Gulf Shores offers everything you could want for a day full of pampering that’s just about you and your relaxation. Treat yourself to relaxing facials and skin care. Craft a look that’s unique and yours with a professional make up application, waxing, microblading, manicures, pedicures, and more. Release the tension with a relaxing massage, and choose from deep tissue, relaxation, hot stone, and others to help you completely relax. Finish looking and feeling your best with a visit to the hair salon for a new cut, color, or style for head-to-toe pampering that’s the perfect start or cap to an Orange Beach vacation.

McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic & Skin Center and Total Health Spa

The med spa is perfect place to get the services you want for a refreshing, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. Spa packages at the Gulf Shores spa include facials, hydrotherapy, massage, reflexology, and more. They offer waxing services, micro dermabrasion, dermaplaning, product infusion, and even light therapy and microcurrent. Learn the ins and outs of professional make up application, or don’t worry about daily application again with permanent make-up. Services are tailored for the needs of each client, including men, women, and teens.

Beach Time

Coming to a beach destination like Orange Beach means spending plenty of time on the beach when you’re not enjoying a spa day. You can choose to lay out and sunbathe, plant a beach umbrella, and spread out a blanket and read or picnic, take a swim in the Gulf, or get your exercise with a run or walk on the sand.

Relax and Rejuvenate in Orange Beach

When you and book a getaway to Orange Beach with Poole & Associates, you won’t be short on a variety of spas and treatments to pamper yourself with day in and day out of your stay. After your spa experience, enjoy the water, lounge around your rental, or enjoy a myriad of other activities available to help build an Orange Beach vacation that is uniquely yours with memories to last a lifetime. For an intimate stay, choose a one-bedroom unit. If you’re preparing for your upcoming wedding with a bachelor or bachelorette trip with your best friends, book a four-bedroom unit. Savor the taste of home when you prepare a home-cooked meal in the unit’s fully equipped kitchen. Enjoy spacious living areas and private outdoor spaces like patios and balconies. Unwind in your own private bedroom or gather some snacks and enjoy your favorite movie or TV show together on a flat screen TV.

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Alabama’s southernmost part is home to numerous outdoor adventures, making the region an exciting area to explore. Orange Beach is one area that makes this region a getaway destination for thousands of travelers. This part of Alabama receives tourists annually for various reasons, ranging from exciting attractions to exquisite accommodation spots. Due to these reasons, Orange Beach guarantees visitors an Orange Beach vacation worth the shot, regardless of period or reason. If you’re interested in visiting this coastal town, here’s a detailed three-day itinerary to help you explore the area.

Day One

The first day of your visit should entail visiting the welcome center, an area that lets you access free brochures, local maps, and firsthand information on everything that entails your stay in Orange Beach. While at the center, you can further interact with the staff and learn more about what to look out for when exploring different spots, especially restaurants. Once you sort everything regarding familiarization, head to your Orange Beach vacation rental and check in for a quick freshening-up session by diving into your rental pool. This therapeutic session of freshening up prepares you for an adventure-filled afternoon. Afterward, you can head to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo and interact with the animals, including kangaroos, Lemus, and monkeys.

A visit to the Safari Club, an in-house restaurant, is a great idea. Here you can try out the deep culinary brilliance that the establishment serves, which includes a Margherita wood-grilled pizza, a key lime, and drinks. Once lunch is over, you can a little break by soaking in the surroundings and enjoying the other amenities offered by the zoo.

After the re-energizing session, prepare to resume adventure by heading to The Wharf. This large entertainment district in Orange Beach promises a fun-filled evening for you and your loved ones. It’s an amazing spot to enjoy the multiple activities available in the area, like dining, shopping, and even trying out the Ferris wheel. After visiting The Wharf, you can spend the rest of your evening strolling in the district while viewing its impressive structures as you wait for the SPECTRA Laser Light Experience, a fantastic display of lights in sync with musical classics.

To cap off the incredible art display, a visit to one of the numerous eating establishments on The Wharf is worth it. Here, you can enjoy the rich seafood cuisine, including southern dinner classics that will wow your palate and prep you for a good night. After dinner, you can either try the Orange Beach nightlife or return to your vacation rental for rest.

Day Two

Start your second day by using our rental’s fully-equipped kitchen. You can prepare a sumptuous breakfast that’ll have you ready and kicking. If you’re not in the mood for a home-cooked breakfast, visit one of the many brunch restaurants offering fantastic breakfast options. After breakfast, prepare for a beach adventure by carrying all the beach essentials you’ll need for the day. This visit to the beach is ideal for taking in the morning sun as you prepare for a fishing adventure in the deep seas. If you’ve never fished solo before, try out the different scheduled fishing charters and tours offered in the area. The trips range from four-hour trips to 8-hour tours. You can pick whatever suits you and sail to the deep waters for the perfect catch.

Once the trip is over, you can head to the shores with your catch and prepare to feast by taking it to one of the restaurants that offer cook-your-catch services. Alternatively, you can save your catch for some home-cooked dinner back at your rental. If you prefer cooking your catch for dinner, enjoy your lunch by trying out the food offered by the numerous restaurants across the area.

At the beach, the end of lunch signifies the commencement of fun-filled beach activities, including relaxing while taking in the magnificent ocean views or trying out beach games such as beach volleyball. If you have kids, engage them by building sandcastles and trying other water and beach activities like swimming, playing beach soccer, and boating. After a day exploring the beach, you can head back, prepare yourself for dinner at Luna’s and try out the tasty crab and artichoke dip served in the restaurant.

Day Three

Start your final day differently by treating yourself with a southern breakfast delicacy of shrimp and cheesy grits. Enjoy this scintillating southern classic at Another Broken Egg Cafe, one of the multiple brunch restaurants in the area. After re-energizing, head to High S Branton Backcountry Trail for an exciting hiking adventure that’ll take you past varied ecosystems. The views along this trailhead are amazing. Enjoy these views as you take note of unique animals traversing across the trail. Once the hike ends, you can head to Louisiana Lagniappe for a unique Cajun and Creole seafood taste. Enjoy crab cakes that the restaurant serves before embarking on an adventure of perambulating the area as you usher dusk, marking the end of your exciting trip.

Book Incredible Rentals for Your Orange Beach Vacation

Orange Beach boasts several of the top attractions along Alabama’s coastlines. The town features numerous monuments and pristine beaches that make the area a haven for tourists searching for a coastal getaway. Contact us for the perfect Orange Beach vacation rental deals if you’re planning to visit this striking area.

As the final holiday of the summer season rolls around, many travelers are heading for the beach for the long weekend and if you are one of the many, Orange Beach, Alabama, should be at the top of your list! Blending the quiet peace of a small town with the majestic beauty of the sea, the white sand beaches, and turquoise waters will make you want to add our oceanside town to your list of places you want to return to in the future! This guide to Spend Labor Day 2022 In Orange Beach, AL in one of our Poole and Associates Orange Beach vacation homes will give you a peek into what a truly excellent vacation looks like!

No Laboring Allowed

Isn’t it wonderful that on a day devoted to our hardworking Americans, we don’t have to labor at all? Spend your day doing all the things you never get to do at home, including exploring the wonders awaiting you at the Orange Beach Golf Center & Driving Range located at 4700 Easy Street in Orange Beach! (We just love the name of the street, don’t you?) Offering a 9-hole par 3 course, putting and chipping greens, a lighted driving range, and even a practice sand bunker, the golf center promises to give golfers a day filled with fun and relaxation and absolutely no hard work!

Spend Time on the Sea

Of course, your weekend in Orange Beach is going to involve some beach time, but the most exciting way to enjoy the sea (in our humble opinions!) is by experiencing one of the tours offered by Cetacean Cruises. The dolphin tours are our absolute favorite, we just can’t get enough of those beautiful sea creatures chattering, splashing, and reminding us of the beauty of all earth’s inhabitants! Their Sunset Dolphin & Nature Cruise will bring you a deeper appreciation of nature as knowledgeable and personable tour guides take you into the estuaries along the back bays, pointing out and explaining all the interesting details of the flora and fauna found there! Availability can be limited during the holidays, so if this sounds fun to you, go ahead and reserve your space today!

A Step into the Past

Alabama has a long and rich history as can be expected from any coastal state and this section of the state was once where the British attacked twice; once in 1812 in a battle we won soundly and again in 1815, in a battle that didn’t have such a happy turnout. Fort Bower was the small fort that won and lost those battles, standing in during the construction of Fort Morgan that began in 1812 but was not completed until long after the war of 1812 had ended. Located at 51 Hwy 180 West, this historic structure is still standing proud and can be a fun way to spend a few hours of your Labor Day escape. At this point, they aren’t offering guided tours, but you and your family can still enjoy a self-guided exploration of the Fort.

Shop the Sales

Labor Day sales are always the best sales and although we can’t promise that everything you want is special, a visit to Tallulah’s Treasures, 25122 Perdido Beach Blvd #6209 in Orange Beach promises to offer a plethora of good deals! Seeking a colorful painting of a hummingbird or a tee shirt that tells everyone how much you love the beach? This special gift shop has exactly what you are looking for and so much more you won’t ever want to leave!

A Taste of the Town 

If you don’t enjoy at least one fresh seafood dinner during your stay you will live to regret it and if you skip the opportunity to enjoy that seafood dinner at The Gulf, well, your life will continue on without much change, but it may not be as enjoyable as it would otherwise! Showing us that sustainable life can be delicious, The Gulf is built from shipping containers and enjoys a prominent place on Perdido Beach and offers an outdoor seating area that looks out over the sea, making their patio dining the most popular dining in town.

Spend Labor Day 2022 In Orange Beach, AL

There’s a lot to do during your Labor Day getaway to Orange Beach, but your favorite memories will be the minutes spent luxuriating in the comforts of your Poole & Associates Orange Beach escape. Spend the morning fishing and then cook it on barbecue grills that allow your outdoor time to continue, especially when you devour the catch of the day on tables found on balconies, patios, and decks. Create an all-American meal in our fully equipped kitchens, alternate your time between the beach and the pool in your condo community, and laugh out loud at the expressions on your children’s faces when you win a marathon game of Monopoly! Every minute will be your favorite when you choose our homes to celebrate the Labor Day holiday; pick your favorite today!

It’s fair to say that everyone deserves a great getaway from time to time. When the responsibilities and hustle and bustle of life begin to add up, booking time away from it all to swap out stress for fun instead is key to gaining a new perspective! Whether you’re someone who loves time on the sand, or you’re a traveler with a heart for on-the-water fun, a getaway booked for Orange Beach, Alabama promises to please. This inspiring and scenic destination is a great place for everyone to enjoy the sun, stunning shorelines and access to shopping, dining, and exploring in abundance! It’s truly a place where you can kick back and relax in style or make the most of adrenaline-pumping adventures on the waves if you choose.
That said, no matter what your itinerary may entail or what time of year you arrive here, making sure you have comfortable, luxurious, and conveniently located accommodations in place is key to an unforgettable journey. When it’s time to stop dreaming of vacation and make it happen instead, booking Broadmoor 1002 through Poole and Associates is step one. This oversized 2-bed, 2-bath Gulf Shores condo rental can easily welcome up to 8-guests at a time and provides everyone with the views and amenities they deserve during a great getaway. Situated within Dolphin Key in East Orange Beach, those who book a stay in Broadmoor 1002 will enjoy a welcoming sense of peace and tranquility with access to vibrant area fun just as simple to find. Broadmoor 1002 sits close to shopping and dining options as well as spectacular shorelines that beckon to those who can’t wait to spend as much time as possible under the sun.

Embrace the Best of Alabama Coastal Living

Stepping inside Broadmoor 1002, guests will find plenty of space, light, and coastal style waiting to greet them. This open floorplan condo pairs large windows and splashes of coastal-inspired colors with tall ceilings throughout. This not only enhances the overall sense of space, but frame the view constantly, promotes natural light flow and brings the beauty of the outdoors right inside through aesthetic selections!
The living room in Broadmoor 1002 hosts a plush beige sofa topped with bright yellow decorative throw pillows. This is paired with two coral-hued overstuffed armchairs to settle into separated by a decorative wood end table. The living room furnishings all sit upon earth-toned tiled flooring and are centered around a natural wood coffee table to match. Just behind the sofa, guests will enjoy the colorful abstract wall art in shades of teal and red that works well to complement the teal entertainment center on the far wall that host a large flat-screen television. From the metal fish wall art pieces in the living room to the colorful pouf, this is a space that comes to light with vibrant hues and decorative details.
The dining area and kitchen are found just off the living room in Broadmoor 1002. Here, guests can enjoy a home-style meal whenever they aren’t out exploring local restaurants. The kitchen hosts natural wood cabinetry stocked with cookware as an added convenience. Guests can also access a full collection of modern appliances and plenty of counterspace to match. While the round glass dining table easily seats four guests, additional seating options are available at the kitchen’s breakfast bar as well.
After dinner, getting a good night’s rest is easier than ever in Broadmoor 1002. The master bedroom in this condo enjoys a king bed and cozy seating area as well as access to a private bath. The second bedroom showcases two full queen beds with a convenient bath located just across the hall.

Exterior Features to Enjoy

Those who book Broadmoor 1002 will find they never have to go far to find the fresh-air fun. Glass doors in the living room lead directly to the condo’s large private balcony overlooking the sugar-white sands below. Patio furniture and a small table are both found in this area, making it the ideal place to wake up with the sunrise and hot cup of coffee, or settle in under the stars at night and sip time away while the waves roll in.
In addition to the condo’s private outdoor seating area, guests who book a stay here can enjoy access to the resort amenities with ease. This means making the most of time in the on-site shared pool when you’re looking to cool down or simply relax in style.

Book Your Stay Today

When you’re ready to enjoy a coastal Alabama adventure that renews your perspective and focuses on the fun, a trip this way is a must and letting Poole and Associates handle your accommodations is key. Reach out today to learn more about booking a stay in Broadmoor 1002 the next time your travel plans bring you to town. We look forward to helping you turn travel dreams into reality and welcoming you to Alabama soon!