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The Ugly Diner

A trip to scenic Gulf Shores, Alabama promises to be an inspiring getaway. This destination is known and loved for its beautiful shorelines, endless waves and access to fun and relaxation that comes with a healthy dose of sunshine included. That said, there’s nothing more refreshing than mixing some flavor into the experience as well! When you have a craving to curb and you’re looking for a place that’s packed with savory options to choose from, make sure to make time for a meal at The Ugly Diner while you’re in town.

Embrace the Best of Flavor and Fun

Don’t let the name fool you, The Ugly Diner Gulf Shores is endlessly appealing to locals and visitors alike! This eatery is located at 2200 E 2nd Street in Gulf Shores and is open for business Monday through Sunday from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm. The Ugly Diner offers up a retro-inspired space to enjoy savory menu options as well as access to in-house televisions and games to set a friendly and welcoming scene! Red vinyl chairs and family style tables dot the dining room, making it easy to step back in time while you enjoy a robust meal. The service is friendly, and the surroundings are inviting when you choose to make time to enjoy lunch at The Ugly Diner.

The Ugly Diner Menu Favorites to Enjoy

The team at The Ugly Diner likes to switch up menu specialties seasonally but there are plenty of options that are fan-favorites year-round. While you’re here, be sure to try the Salisbury steak and stuffed cabbage rolls or make room for a meatball sub that’s sure to please! Other menu options to consider include fried fish plates, fried shrimp dishes, sloppy joes and liver and onions. Chicken and dumplings also make the menu at The Ugly Diner Gulf Shores while selections like lemon artichoke chicken are always a delight. Hamburger steak is readily available upon request while spring rolls, and pho are fan favorite options as well! When you’re looking to top your meal off on a sweet note, be sure to ask about the pastry options and cakes that are ready to be enjoyed.

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