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Vacationing in Gulf Shores Alabama with Disabilities

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A Gulf Shores, Alabama getaway is always something for travelers to look forward to. Year-round, this scenic and exciting vacation destination provides visitors with amazing views, great weather, fun activities, and memorable attractions to explore and discover. Making a trip this way even better and more convenient is the fact that mobility hurdles are taken into account. The city of Gulf Shores has made accessibility throughout the area a priority, meaning those planning on vacationing in Gulf Shores Alabama with wheelchairs or who require adjusted mobility assistance of all types can fully enjoy the Gulf Shores experience as well.

Disability-Friendly Attractions

Beyond time well spent on the scenic shorelines of Gulf Shores, guests traveling this way will find there are a ton of other exciting attractions to discover, and many of them are refreshingly designed with disability-friendly options in mind. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is one of many handicap-accessible stops in the area that’s fun and worth checking out while you’re in town. Here, you can explore over 25 acres using wheelchair-accessible routes and get up close to no less than 118 species on-site! Discovering the many exhibits and displays is always intriguing as visitors have an opportunity to set their sights on everything from monkeys and lions to alligators, giraffes, and more. The pathways are wide, making it easy to maneuver various sections of the zoo at your own comfortable pace. There are also many benches situated along the paths and shaded picnic areas to make for a more comfortable visit. Whether you choose to do a giraffe feeding or hang out with a kangaroo, it’s bound to be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Beachside Mini Golf is another great attraction in the area for those looking to boost their itinerary with disability-friendly options. Enjoy some friendly competition at this exciting mini golf course that includes nine ADA-compliant and handicap-accessible holes. From the lighthouse to the replica charter fishing boat and waterfall, the whimsical appeal is undeniable.

Finally, those with a passion for time in the great outdoors can enjoy the 28 miles of paved pathway available to explore along the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail. You’ll come across nine different ecosystems along the way and can always include wildlife watching into the experience too.

Wheelchair-Accessible Beachfronts in Gulf Shores

Special efforts have been made to ensure everyone can enjoy time on the sand when they come to Gulf Shores. Those vacationing in Gulf Shores Alabama with a wheelchair will love the 20-foot-wide concrete promenade that pairs perfectly with the access mats placed on the beach. There are four access mats in total with plans to increase that number in the future. These mats are located at East Gulf Place and Gulf Place respectively. They stop short of the water, enjoy a gentle incline, and if you need assistance, beach safety officers and lifeguards are always ready and willing to help.

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