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Top Reasons to Visit Gulf Shores

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Gulf Shores is a gorgeous vacation destination for travelers to enjoy year-round. The following are just a few of the many top reasons to visit Gulf Shores and savor every second of your stay.

The Beautiful Beaches

Taking time to unwind and relax in Gulf Shores means easy access to no less than 32 miles of beaches! If you’re one for settling in and soaking up the rays, this is the destination for you. Get out and enjoy a game of beach volleyball, stroll along the sand, or watch the shorebirds wander along the surf. Either way, there’s no shortage of beach moments waiting to be savored. You can even book sandcastle-building lessons with local companies like Sand Castle University!

The Amazing Options for On-the-Water Fun

While land-based fun abounds, a trip to Gulf Shores is the ultimate experience in on-the-water adventures as well. Visitors who come here can feel free to add everything from chartered fishing excursions and snorkeling tours to scuba diving and paddleboarding to their must-experience list of activities. The waters here are home to everything from grouper and tuna to snapper and wahoo, while closer to shore, SUP yoga could be just what you need to find your sense of center. Whether it’s a sunset cruise or a dolphin spotting adventure, time on the water around Gulf Shores is worth your while.

Sea Turtle Experiences

If you happen to be someone with a heart for wildlife, there are more than 50,000 reasons to head to Gulf Shores. That’s how many endangered kemps ridley, green sea turtles, and loggerhead varieties are estimated to have hatched on Gulf Shores shorelines since 2003. Summer is nesting season in this area with mother turtles returning to the same beach they were born to lay their eggs. The Share the Beach Program in town keeps these nesting areas well-patrolled for over 50 miles so turtles can emerge at the right time and start their own journey toward the water. It’s an amazing sight to behold and one you won’t want to miss!

Bike Trails

When exploring on two wheels is your style, Gulf Shores has what you’re looking for. This destination is a haven for biking adventures thanks to the many local rental companies and collection of captivating trails to discover. Among them is the iconic Hugh Branyon Backcountry Trail that runs through Gulf State Park that’s made up of fifteen paved paths winding through 27 miles of wet pine flatwoods, maritime forest, and coastal dune ridges alike.

Sensational Seafood Selections

You can easily curb any craving in Gulf Shores, but the choices are even more satisfying when you have a passion for freshly caught seafood. From grilled catch of the day to innovative dishes inspired by far-flung destinations, those who visit Gulf Shores will find palate-pleasing moments in some of the best area seafood stops abound.

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