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Things You Might Not Know About Gulf Shores Alabama

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Gulf Shores is a great getaway destination for travelers that’s always full of surprises. Here are a few things that might just capture your attention.

The Area Has a Rich History

When you head to Gulf Shores in the name of modern vacation fun, you also have an opportunity to learn more about Gulf Shores Alabama‘s rich past. For example, area landmarks like Fort Morgan date back as far as 1812. The fort was an important destination during the Civil War and was used for extensive military training for years and even decades afterward. It was purchased by the state of Alabama in 1927 and today it can be toured by those looking to bring the region’s military past into better focus.

Hurricanes Have Sometimes Been Helpful Here

Understandably, not many travelers are excited to consider a trip that includes the risk of a hurricane. However, for all of the destruction they can cause, hurricanes are exactly what led to Gulf Shores being as lush and fertile as it is today! Back in 1906, Gulf Shores experienced one of its most volatile hurricanes on record. As the storm moved through, it redeposited vital minerals into the soil and left Gulf Shores ground rich for future generations. Local farmers saw an increase in crops like cabbage and sweet potatoes and more lucrative opportunities for exports overall.

The Beautiful Beaches Go On and On

Gulf Shores is often associated with its beautiful shorelines, but you might be surprised to learn that the Alabama Gulf Coast hosts more than 32 miles of beaches to be explored in total! When sandy shorelines continue on for further than the eye can see, you know you have great adventures ahead.

Unique Ecosystems and Wildlife Abound

If you’re passionate about wildlife and nature, you’ll find Gulf Shores is a place where unique combinations are always waiting to be discovered. Gulf Shores is home to four unique ecosystems including freshwater marsh, ancient maritime live oak forests, wet longleaf pine savanna and swap forests as well. This diverse lineup provides lush habitats for creatures of all kinds ranging from the gopher tortoise and eastern diamondback rattlesnakes to the Alabama Beach Mouse too.

Dining Comes with a Celebrity Connection

One of the most popular eateries in Gulf Shores is Lulu’s which is found at Homeport Marina. While the colorful ambiance, views, and amazing menu options are always inspiring, you might not realize that the restaurant is the brainchild of Jimmy Buffett’s Sister, giving this destination a unique celebrity connection!

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