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Veterans Day in Gulf Shores, AL

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Veterans Day, one of the most patriotic of all holidays, is one of those that doesn’t always fall on a weekend but can still be an ideal time to travel. Take the entire week off without having to use all your precious vacation days, taking a breather before the big end of year craziness begins, while spending as much time as possible savoring the serenity offered by the Gulf of Mexico. The waters that surround us may be a little too cold for swimming, but the sun shines often and sometimes the sea’s power can be just as strong when enjoyed walking along shore’s edge or sitting on the balcony of our Poole & Associates vacation escapes. This guide will give you a few hints and tips on how to fill the moments of your Veterans Day in Gulf Shores.

Veterans Day Celebration Aboard the USS Alabama, 2703 Battleship Parkway in Mobile

Now, normally we keep the celebrating a little closer to home, but we can’t think of a better way to pay homage to those who served our country than with a celebration aboard an actual battleship. Located about 50 miles from Gulf Shores and commissioned for World War II and decommissioned since 1947, the USS Alabama has been open daily for tours since put into service as a museum in 1962, and its Veterans Day ceremony is renowned throughout the area. Offering music, speeches, essay contest winners, and a parade of flags put together by local 4th graders, this moving event will certainly make you feel glad to be an American during Veterans Day Alabama.

Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Shopping

You know you won’t be able to avoid thinking about all you have to do over the holidays, especially as most stores will already have their Christmas decorations up, their music playing, and their shelves stocked with gifts to encourage mass shopping binges. You could simply skip the shops and spend your time exploring Gulf Shores or you could stop in these fun stores that you can’t find at home and pick up some truly unique gifts for your family, keeping a firm grip on your title of Best Gifter Ever.

  • The Royal Standard, 3769 Gulf Shores Parkway – The British flag is also known as the Royal Standard, and this exciting shop offers a fascinating selection of gifts, clothing, and beach stuff that you won’t find anywhere else and will also probably be offering some really great sales, enabling customers to buy more and spend less. (Which is always a good thing in our books!) Be sure to check out their bath & body selection, perhaps finding another way to enjoy the deep tub in your Poole & Associates holiday hideaway.
  • Tallulah’s Treasures, 25122 Perdido Beach Boulevard #6209 in Orange Beach – Eclectic, exciting, and filled with unique gifts, Tallulah’s Treasures is the perfect place to purchase gifts that reflect Alabama, the beach, and your unforgettable vacation experience.
  • The Wharf, 23101 Canal Road in Orange Beach – Offering more than just a place to shop, the Wharf is where everything happens, featuring shops, restaurants, and an Amphitheater where some of the biggest names in the entertainment business have performed. If you can’t find something special at The Wharf, then you are obviously not looking hard enough; did you know they even have their own selection of Wharf related souvenirs, including a book that tells their story?

Free or Discounted Meals for Veterans at The Original Oyster House Boardwalk, 701 Gulf Shores Parkway

If you are a veteran you probably already know all the best chain restaurants to get free or discounted meals on your special day, but when you are in Gulf Shores, only a taste of the South will do. The Original Oyster House Boardwalk, sitting on the banks of the Mobile Bay Causeway, has been a local landmark since the 80s and even though the partners who created this masterpiece of culinary excellence sold the place in 2016, their tradition of serving simple southern style seafood will make your free meal (or discounted one) one of the most delicious you have ever devoured.

Honor Your Veteran

When we are close to the veterans in our life, we may forget to thank them for their service, but your stay in our Poole & Associates vacation escapes will ensure that they never forget how much you appreciate all they have done. Relaxing on balconies overlooking the Gulf, watching their favorite war movies on televisions offering pictures so clear and sound so true, they may find themselves ducking during the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan, and spending these wonderful days with the people they signed up to protect however many years ago. Veterans Day in Gulf Shores may not get as much attention these days, but the Veteran in your life will never have to wonder how you feel about their service when you choose our Gulf Shores holiday hideaways for your vacation accommodations. Reserve your favorite today!

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