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Presidents’ Day in Gulf Shores, AL

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If you live in a colder climate, February is more than likely your least favorite month. The weather has been too cold, too gray, and too nasty for too long, and quite frankly, all you want is sunshine and blue skies and the time to enjoy warmer weather, all of which can be found in Gulf Shores. The extra time, of course, is the extra day off you get to celebrate Presidents’ Day. This guide to spending Presidents’ Day in Gulf Shores will help you fill all the moments with warmth, fun, and comforts found inside our Poole & Associates seasonal sanctuaries.

Sea Turtle Half Marathon and Sweetheart 5K

Now personally, we only run if someone is chasing us, but there are people in this world that do it for fun, and the Sea Turtle Half Marathon and Sweetheart 5K, held between Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day, is a major draw for runners from all over the world. Also offering a Be Mine 1 Mile Fun Run, prices include a t-shirt for all runners and the opportunity to win some really cool prizes. Gulf Shores weather for this event generally tends to be absolutely perfect and our white sand beaches offer the perfect reward after a run, the chance to relax and savor the winter sunshine.

Presidents’ Day Sales

The holiday meant to honor the birth of two presidents Washington & Lincoln isn’t going to offer fireworks exhibitions or even special ceremonies, but it will offer some really great sales, and the shops found at San Roc Cay in Orange Beach and listed below will bring you hours of fun and bargains galore.

  • The Treasure Chest – Every vacation deserves an extra glittery surprise, and although the sun glinting off the turquoise waters of the Gulf is a beautiful treat, the silver jewelry lining the shelves of the Treasure Chest will make stunning souvenirs that will help the recipient remember their wonderful winter vacation in Gulf Shores.
  • Blue Lagoon Swimwear – Maybe you weren’t aware that the pool in your vacation escape was heated or forgot that the hot tub can be used any time of the year, but if a swimsuit wasn’t packed, you could miss out on a whole lot of fun. Or you could head to San Roc Cay Marina in Orange Beach for a visit to Blue Lagoon Swimwear and the catastrophe will be avoided; we can guess which option you are going to go for, especially when you see the sales they offer at Presidents’ Day.
  • Sweet Dreams – Ok, we can’t guarantee that there will be any sales at Sweet Dreams, but when you step inside and find yourself surrounded by the sweetest scents of their fantastic bath and body products, we don’t think you will mind if there are sales or not.

A Tour of Gulf Shores

The best way to get to know the area you are visiting is by participating in the tours offered there and Coastal Segway Adventures offers a unique way to explore our town. Located at the Gulf State Park Recreational Center, every tour begins with a lesson in handling yourself aboard the Segway and every tour ends with a new appreciation of just how wonderful Gulf Shores really is. Also offering eBike, regular bike, and kayak, and paddleboard rentals, your Alabama vacation in the Gulf Shores area can look different every day of your stay, just by trying out new activities with Coastal Segway Adventures.

The Hangout Gulf Shores, 101 E Beach Boulevard

Real life can be tough, and when you are on vacation you may just want to find a place to hang out and chill, and as you can imagine, The Hangout will be that place for you in Gulf Shores. Famous for its seafood (fresh from the sea), its live entertainment, and the casual vibe that encourages sitting, savoring, and sipping for longer than you may have planned. Offering live music every weekend, The Hangout may end up being your favorite part of your Presidents’ Day in Gulf Shores.

Hail to the Chief

It is true that there aren’t a lot of Presidents’ Day events, no matter where you are visiting, but your Poole & Associates holiday hideaway can change that. Stream Hail to the Chief, making your kids play it every time you walk into the room, watch a marathon of President-themed movies including The American President, LBJ, and the horror movie named after the holiday on state-of-the-art televisions, and watch the sun set over the sea from your back patio every evening of your stay. The fun, comfort, and tranquility we offer will be the highlight of your vacation getaway. Reserve your favorite escape today and celebrate the Presidents who helped shape our nation.

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