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Labor Day in Gulf Shores, AL

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Labor Day has always been a mixed blessing in the holiday lineup. On one hand, we are always happy for another three-day weekend filled with barbecues, pool parties, and for many, long days spent at the beach, but on the other hand it is also the final bell for summer. No more late nights and sleeping in, no more sunset dinners enjoyed on the back porch and Tuesdays spent hanging out at the public pool with all your friends, making a final escape to Gulf Shores the most beautiful of ways to say farewell to the season. This guide gives travelers more than a few ways to fill those precious hours in between relaxing and resting in your Poole & Associates Gulf Shores Labor Day holiday hideaway.

Time to Chill

Unlike all the other holidays, there really isn’t any underlying solemn reason for the three-day Gulf Shores Labor Day weekend other than to celebrate how hard we work by not doing any work, which makes relaxing, chilling, and just hanging out the best way to honor Labor Day. As always, our first suggestion is going to be to head to the beach, staking out your section of sandy real estate and letting the Gulf of Mexico do its magic with your soul. The best naps are often taken seaside, with the crashing of the waves against sandy shores creating a lullaby that is hard to resist, so be sure to set up the umbrella you found in your Poole & Associates summer sanctuary and wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid the painful and unfashionable lobster look. Or, if you are a doer not a watcher, building sandcastles at water’s edge with your children is a bonding exercise that is fun and will be remembered forever, just as a ride on the Screaming Eagle, the fastest boat on Orange Beach, will help your teens realize that mom and dad are still fun people, in spite of all that adulting nonsense.

Angling for a Good Time?

Nearly every family harbors an obsessed angler, someone who is always wearing that bucket hat with a fishing hook accessory, whose downtimes are often spent creating new flies, and spends the winter months dreaming of sunny days spent bobbing on the waters, pole in hand and cooler at the ready. The fish are always biting in Gulf Shores, whether you take your pole, bait, and cooler to the Fort Morgan Pier, and spend the day delighting in your favorite obsession or you choose to hire a charter (Lost Bay Guide Service is always a good idea in our books) and head out into the deep waters for the big game fish. If you are renting one of our Poole & Associates Gulf front escapes, you won’t have a long walk to shore’s edge, where your lawn chairs, coolers, and poles can be set up whenever you please.

Everything New Under the Sea

As the days are still summer warm, you Gulf Shores Labor Day escape to Gulf Shores can be even more fun when you choose this time to discover all that’s new under the sea with diving trips taken in the clear blue waters of the Gulf. Often described as the true final frontier, as more than 80% of the ocean has yet to be explored, the waters that surround the Gulf Shores area offer a plethora of treasures waiting to make your day. We wish we could say the treasures were of the shiny gold kind often hidden and forgotten by pirates, but there just isn’t any facts supporting that statement. There are, however, sunken ships that have become wonderful artificial reefs, providing a new habitat for the sea life who make their home here, including the Whiskey Wreck, which lies about 150 yards south of Gulf Shores. Alabama is known for having the largest artificial reef system in the country, and if you want to explore with your family, there are plenty of sites to explore, including Poseidon’s Playground, and Allen Reef in Orange Beach. Down Under Dive Shop, 1129 Gulf Shores Parkway, offers certification, equipment, and dive tours if you are new to the sport or just want some company during your dive.

Forgetting the Pain of Summer’s End

None of us are ever ready to say so long to summer, but your stay in our Poole & Associates seasonal sanctuaries will take the edge of the pain. Offering more opportunities for summer adventures including crystal clear pools and shiny barbecues on many decks, air conditioning inside is always appreciated, even this late in the season. Watch your favorite summer movies on smart or cable access televisions, prepare goodies for a picnic on the beach in our fully equipped kitchens, and sleep deep every night, knowing the beach and all its wonder will be waiting for you when you wake again. Reserve your favorite escape today!

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