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Alabama Father’s Day in Gulf Shores

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Father’s Day arrives at the perfect time of year, right at the beginning of summer when the weather is still just warm and not too hot and after school has let out for the year, making it the ideal time to plan a summer vacation while celebrating our family hero, and this year, Gulf Shores, Alabama may be calling your name. Offering white sand beaches that aren’t as crowded as the ones located a little further south can be and a family friendly vibe that ensures every member of your traveling party are destined to have a great time. This guide to an Alabama Father’s Day family vacation spent living your best lives in our Poole and Associates family escapes will help begin the building of anticipation.

Graduate with Honors from Sandcastle University

Now your kids just were released from the torture of school, so what makes us think they will appreciate going back to school while on vacation? Well, Sandcastle University isn’t your normal school; there are no grades, no pop quizzes, and definitely no need to sit inside a building staring longingly through the windows at a landscape that represents freedom. This school is located on the shores of our Gulf Shores beaches, and the only subject is how to build the perfect sandcastle! The classes are designed for beach lovers of all ages and everyone who participates will learn the secrets to the perfect sand/water combination, creating sandy structures that will be the envy of all who didn’t take the time to go back to school. Just give them a call at (251) 600-9771 to learn more about when the Sandcastle University bell will ring, signifying the start of the best school year ever!

Simple Pleasures

Ostensibly, the trip to Gulf Shores was supposed to be dad’s Father’s Day present, but you know the real gift is being able to spend time with the people he works so hard to provide for, and it is the simple pleasures of a summer at the beach that might be the most memorable ones. The taste of sweet and frosty ice cream, the feel of the summer sun beating down on his shoulders as he tries to eat faster and the scoops melt, and the look of pure joy on his children’s faces as they devour their own cones; these beautiful moments can be enjoyed with a visit to Island Ice Cream & Treats, located at 1154 W Beach Boulevard. Offering a smile in every scoop and a unique selection of flavors, some classic, some new, there is no wrong way to enjoy this summer treat.

A Day at the Park

Although there are many lovely family parks in the Gulf Shores area, the park we are talking about here is a little more exciting and is destined to be the site of some of your fondest memories. Waterville USA/Escape House, located at 906 Gulf Shores Parkway, will have opened by the time Alabama Father’s Day arrives (it fully opens for the season every Memorial Day Weekend) and offers 20 acres of watery adventures that won’t soon be forgotten. Designed to bring joy to everyone from the tiniest travelers (Wawa World) to the most daring of daredevils (Screamin’ Demon) and everyone water lover in between, Waterville never fails to impress. Traveling with smart teens or tweens? Be sure to check out the Escape House that is a part of the park, offering two puzzling rooms that are just waiting for you and your family team to solve the mystery and escape from their wicked clutches. Or the amusement portion of the park, where go karts, mini golf, TopGolf, and their starcade will add extra entertainment to your Gulf Shores adventures.

So You Think You Can’t Fly?

The cool people at Foil Gulf Coast, located at 5677 Bayou St. John Avenue in Orange Beach, have faith that yes, you can fly, when you check out their e-foiling experiences that will have you flying across the water on weird surfboard looking concoctions! An efoil is simply a surfboard with an electrically powered propeller attached to it, letting “surfers” hover above the water, and Foil Gulf Coast offers lessons, rentals, and e-foiling sessions that last approximately two hours, making it the closest thing to flying that you can experience without wings. (or to be more accurate, it is the closest thing to a flying carpet that you will experience in your lifetime.)

Family Moments with Poole & Associates

Dad is an old softy, and you know some of his favorite experiences will be the moments spent at home in your holiday hideaway, enjoy family barbecues or napping on what could arguably be considered the most comfortable couches in the state. Reserve your favorite Poole & Associates Alabama escape today and discover all the ways you, dad, and the entire family will feel at home with us!

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