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The Ugly Diner

When travelers are in the mood to make the most of sand, sun, and surf in abundance, setting their sights on a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama is sure to satisfy! This welcoming, exciting, and endlessly scenic vacation destination is one that’s designed to inspire visitors year-round. It’s also a place where savory moments are well within reach no matter what your palate-pleasing preferences may be. If you happen to find yourself in the mood for a casual, affordable, and fun place to enjoy a delicious dish, making your way to The Ugly Diner is a good place to start!

A Welcoming and Delicious Eatery

Don’t let the name fool you—The Ugly Diner is an endlessly appealing and fun place to enjoy a mouthwatering meal! Located at 2200 E. 22nd Street in Gulf Shores, The Ugly Diner offers guests access to an unassuming façade that hosts bold flavors and a lot of entertainment within. The Ugly Diner Gulf Shores is open daily from 7:00 am until 2:00 pm and serves up breakfast and lunch selections that are sure to please. Service here is exceptionally friendly while the atmosphere is decidedly laid back and jovial. In addition to great menu options, this stop offers guests access to an array of televisions as well as video games to enjoy during a visit!

Menu Favorites

No matter when you drop by The Ugly Diner, you’re sure to be in for a treat. Those who head this way for breakfast will find that the menu hosts delicious options, ranging from peach cobbler French toast and shrimp & grits to a shrimp and crab omelet that’s sure to fuel you up for a day of Gulf Shores fun. If you’re dropping by to make the most of the lunch hour, menu selections are equally appealing and feature everything from burgers and Reuben sandwiches to grilled shrimp mac and cheese and freshly caught fare of the day. Guests can also order up fried shrimp and sloppy joes if they’d like. To leave things on a sweet note, be sure to order a slice of key lime pie before you go. The coconut cake is also a crowd pleaser here. For questions regarding menu items or events, visitors can call 251-224-3182.

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