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The Track in Gulf Shores

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When action-packed fun and family-friendly entertainment are exactly your style, making time for a day at The Track during your next trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama is a must! Located at 3200 Gulf Shores Parkway, The Track is an inviting and exciting family fun park that’s ideal for visitors of all ages. From rides and food to arcades and more, it’s a stop that’s sure to inspire. The track first opened in 1993 and continues to thrill visitors looking for a one-stop-resource for adrenaline-pumping entertainment. Those looking to visit will want to be sure to swing by any day of the week between 11:00 am and 4:30pm.

Activities to Enjoy While You’re Here

The go-karts are a highlight of time spent at The Track in Gulf Shores with good reason. The adventure park’s signature track is streamlined and elevated, giving guests option to drive their way up three and a half stories of fun. To enjoy this ride, riders will need to be at least 4 feet 10 inches tall so it’s a good idea to plan in advance if you know you want to make the most of the driving fun. Beyond the elevated track, go-karters can also make time to enjoy the slick track, family track, super track, and rookie track during a visit. This park even offers kiddie karts for those who are visiting with little ones in tow, so nobody misses out on the fun.

When thrill rides are your thing, you’ll find plenty of options at The Track. Roller coaster enthusiasts will want to be sure to check out the spinning coaster and the skycoaster alike. While the spinning coaster takes riders along curves and spins that are sure to thrill, the skycoaster is designed to elevate riders to heights of 110 feet!

Other family fun options at The Track in Gulf Shores include blaster boats when guests need to cool off and mini golf when a little friendly competition is in order. Little ones will enjoy time in kid’s country where a carousel and buggies are waiting while time on the park’s Rio Grande Train is sure to please as well. When you’re looking for even more in the way of fun, be sure to take a spin on the Ferris wheel, check out the swings, and make the most of time in the on-site arcade!

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FAQs About The Track in Gulf Shores

  • Our family wants to do something other than the beach while in Gulf Shores. What do you recommend?

    That is one of the easiest questions we have heard today and the first place that pops into mind is The Track in Gulf Shores. Located at 3200 Gulf Shores Parkway and open every day of the week at 11 AM, the track is more than a go kart place; it is an amusement park filled with family friendly fun that will be a super addition to your Alabama family vacation.

  • Go karts are fun, but what else can we do at The Track?

    The rides of The Track offer exciting opportunities to enjoy some family time together and include bumper boats, roller coasters, and a section known as Kids’ Country, where the pint-sized rides are safe for your tiniest travelers. Also including kiddie and rookie tracks for the go karts, your kiddos can actually take the wheel, giving parents a preview of what to expect in a few short years.

  • The kids are looking for an arcade to hang out in, does The Track offer games as well?

    As you may expect, The Track also offers a video game arcade, complete with tickets that will garner great prizes they can choose themselves. Spend a few hours watching the joy in their faces as the tickets they win stream out of the arcade games and watch them grow even more excited when they pick out their prizes from behind the counter.

  • What kind of fun can I have at home with Poole & Associates?

    We feel that a vacation home should be an integral part of your vacation experience and our properties offer a variety of ways to have fun, without having to venture far beyond their boundaries. Private pools, docks, even firepits and beach gear to be used during your time on the sandy landscape of Gulf Shores will add excitement and fun to your family vacation.

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