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Gulf Shores Water Sports

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Getting out of town and enjoying a Gulf Shores vacation is always inspiring, but it’s extra thrilling for those who are looking forward to enjoying Gulf Shores water sports while they’re here. Gulf Shores is an ideal place to get out on the water and make the most of the fun. The following are just a few of the many options for enhancing your on-the-water experience when travel plans bring you this way!

Check Out Happy Harbor Marina

The waters that surround Gulf Shores, Alabama have long been endlessly inviting to those with a passion for time on the waves. When you’re looking to enjoy time out and about on the water at your very own pace, renting a pontoon boat for the afternoon or day is a great way to go! While you’re in town, be sure to check out Happy Harbor Marina when it’s time to get your pontoon boat reservation firmly in place. Happy Harbor Marina is located at 27212 Marina Road in nearby Orange Beach and proudly holds the title as the largest watersports rental company in the area. Happy Harbor Marina first opened to the public in 2007 and continues to be a fan-favorite when it comes to quality boat rentals that make time out on the waves enjoyable, safe, and successful. They’re a family owned and operated company that’s known for their friendly and helpful service with every booking. In total, Happy Harbor Marina has over 50 vessels for guests to choose from ranging from single deck pontoons to double decks complete with waterslides and accessories! No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here when a day of Gulf Shores area boating is a top priority.

Partner with Blue Sky Parasailing and Watersports

Those who are looking to pick up the pace when it comes to Gulf Shores water sports will find everything they could ask for and more at Blue Sky Parasailing and Watersports. Located at 401 E. Beach Boulevard in Gulf Shores, Blue Sky Parasailing and Watersports is a one-stop-shop for all things on-the-water fun! They’re open from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm daily making this company a convenient one to partner with in adventure no matter what else your itinerary entails. At Blue Sky Parasailing and Watersports, it’s easier than ever to get a new perspective on the lush terrain that makes up Gulf Shores when you book a parasailing excursion. There’s nothing quite like soaring above the stunning Gulf of Mexico and options to potentially spot marine life from above too makes it that much better. Parasailing Gulf Shores trips with Blue Sky last approximately 30 minutes on average and guests can count on working with a team of experienced professionals and captains at every turn. If you’re interested in expanding your watersport fun, Blue Sky Parasailing and Watersports also offers guests options to rent jet skis or book banana boat rides to top off the day in style!

Visit Emerald Water Adventures

When it’s a jet skiing or tubing adventure you’re looking for during your Gulf Shores getaway, a visit to Emerald Water Adventures is sure to please. This on-the-water recreation company is located at 5749 Bay La Launch Avenue at Slip 7C in nearby Orange Beach. Emerald Water Adventures has built their reputation of excellence on their ability to customize watersport fun according to guest preference and budget. Here, it’s simple to choose from chartered cruises or simply rent a jet ski for the day to enjoy the water in your own style. Looking for a little guidance on where to go when you want to avoid the crowds and make the most of open water? The team here is more than happy to help and can even provided a jet ski tour guide to enhance the experience from start to finish.

Enjoy Go Go Kayaks

Serving Gulf shores and Fort Morgan alike, Go Go Kayaks is a perfect place to visit when you’re looking to slow things down and kayak your way through a sunny day on the water. Located at 874 AL-180 West in Gulf Shores, Go Go Kayaks is open daily from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and offers free equipment delivery with a reservation. The company provides single rider kayak experiences as well as ocean duo kayaks, kid kayaks and paddle boards upon request. Bookings can be made for the day or by the week depending on how long your Gulf Shores adventure has you in town. Go Go Kayaks also provides guided group kayaking experiences if you’re traveling with a variety of family and friends in tow!

Explore with Down Under Dive Shop

For those who want to take their watersports under the waves and have the experience to match, exploring the waters with Down Under Dive Shop is a must. Located at 1129 Gulf Shores Parkway, Down Under Dive Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and on Sundays from noon until 4:00 pm. Those who book a diving excursion here will enjoy time aboard the Down Under which is a custom dive boat brimming over with incredible amenities! Complete with two ladders, gear stowage, freshwater showers, and upper deck seating, just to name a few, divers will find time onboard is as enjoyable as the adventures they’re sure to have under the waves as well.

Book Your Getaway Today

When you’re ready to pack your bags and enjoy time in Gulf Shores, the team at Poole & Associates has the accommodations in place you need to enhance the experience. For a luxurious vacation, make sure to check out our Orange Beach luxury rentals! Reach out today to learn more about our luxurious property options in the area available to rent, from holiday to short-term rental homes, and how we can help you plan your next trip.

FAQs About Gulf Shores Water Sports

  • Besides swimming and wading, what kind of activities can we do in the waters of Gulf Shores?

    Gulf Shores is a water lover’s paradise, and visitors will be able to enjoy every kind of water sport during their stay. From the simplest sports needing very little gear (snorkeling) to the water sport that takes participants into the air (parasailing) you could spend every minute of your vacation in the water and never run out of things to do.

  • I’ve always wanted to try parasailing, is it dangerous?

    Parasailing is only as dangerous as the company you hire to provide the experience, and our Gulf Shores parasailing companies consider safety their biggest priority. Blue Sky Parasailing has been a local favorite for many years, and because they also offer jet ski rentals and banana boat rides you will soon feel like a member of their family as you try out all they have to offer.

  • Can I scuba dive in Gulf Shores?

    The world under the sea is a magical place and many local companies offer scuba excursions that will introduce you to its beauty. Down Under Dive Shop, 1129 Gulf Shores Parkway, provides dive charters, rents scuba gear, and even offers training in becoming SCUBA certified, ensuring that your adventures in the Gulf will be successful ones.

  • Are there private pools in any of your Poole & Associates rentals?

    Most condos offer access to the resort pool in the condo community, but yes, some of our private homes also offer private pools, allowing guests to get as wrinkly and waterlogged as they want. A nighttime swim in the middle of summer is perhaps one of life’s greatest luxuries, and although it may not be considered a sport, it will help create memories you will never forget.

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