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Alabama Coastal Birding Trail

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Gulf Shores, Alabama is an oasis of fun for beach goers and entertainment seekers alike. However, it’s also an amazing place for those with a passion for birding to set their sights! Boasting a terrain of scenic shorelines, forests, meadows and more, Gulf Shores offers up an array of habitats that are just right for birds to both migrate and thrive year-round. The bird watching conditions here are so prime that the state of Alabama has established a birding trail system for locals and visitors to enjoy. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail comes equipped with kiosks, interpretive panels, observation towers, visitor guides, maps and more to make the experience comprehensive and enjoyable. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail is set up as a series of loops that visitors can explore that are situated within and around those areas where birds are found in abundance.

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Types of Birds to View

The many marshes, waterways, shorelines, and greenery that make up the Gulf Shores lend themselves seamlessly to a variety of populations of birds available for viewing in this area. Some of the top birds for spotting depending on the time of year you arrive include osprey, king rail, herons, egrets, brown pelicans, and marsh wren as well. Those who take a more professional approach to photographing birds will find that the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail offers up an abundance in the way scenery to capture these magnificent creatures within. Those who are enjoying Alabama birding for fun will want to grab their binoculars and make the most of the amazing pathways and often unexpected finds along the way.

Check Out Orange Beach Loop

One of the most popular Alabama Coastal Birding Trail destinations amongst bird watchers is the Orange Beach Loop. This inviting resort area provides trail access at Perdido Pass just east of AL 59. The access point is integrated into Gulf State Park and is a great place to view everything from Snowy Plover in the dunes. If you’re looking for a stay near your favorite bird-watching spots, be sure to browse our Orange Beach cottage rentals! Click now!

Try the Fort Morgan Loop

If you’re interested in pairing your Alabama Coastal Birding Trail adventure with time in the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, the Fort Morgan Loop is the place to start. Trail access starts at the intersection of AL 59 and AL 180 in Gulf Shores and this route promises to offer a lush landscape and ample options for spotting a variety of bird species along the way.

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FAQs About the Alabama Birding Trail

  • What is the Alabama Birding Trail?

    Since 2002, the Alabama Birding Trail has offered a way to explore migration and habitats of the birds that live here or fly through on their way to warmer climes. Offering 280 sites all over the state, with six loops going through Mobile and Baldwin counties, it is an important and most popular sightseeing attraction.

  • Where is the nearest site of the ABT?

    The Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in Gulf Shores is home to three sites of the Alabama Birding Trail, including the Jeff Friend Trail which is easy to navigate and if you are traveling with children, offers a great way to encourage a love of birding in your kids. Mobile Street and Pine Beach Trail are two more sites on the ABT.

  • Where are other popular loops of the Alabama Birding Trail?

    Perhaps the most popular loop of the Alabama Birding Trail lies in Orange Beach at Perdido Pass in Gulf State Park, conveniently close to many of our Poole & Associates Orange Beach sanctuaries. Head to the end of the Gulf State Park Fishing Pier (there is a small cost associated with access to the pier) and in the winter months especially, you can spend a large portion of your day with binoculars out and cell phone open to your favorite birding app, keeping track of the migrating species that you might not otherwise be able to see.

  • I’m feeling kind of lazy, can I see many birds from my Poole & Associates rental?

    You don’t have to go on the trail to see a variety of birds; you can see a large selection from the balcony and patios of our comfortable sanctuaries, especially the balconies that look out over the Gulf. Check out the different sea birds, watching them hunt for food, as you sip, savor, and enjoy your own snacks in comfortable chairs, feeling the peaceful scene soothe your soul.

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