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Welcome to Fort Morgan, where Alabama summers are relaxing, fun, and adventurous! The peacefulness of Fort Morgan comes from being a local beach town that doesn’t operate with the same bustling nature you’d find in a larger, more commercial city. The pace is what you set for yourself, the options of things to do plentiful and diverse. It’s the perfect place for a holiday getaway, especially with one of our Fort Morgan vacation homes. Fort Morgan is a small beach town that packs all the punch of other, much larger historical coastal cities. With excellent local history, incredible views of the peninsula, wonderful sunsets, and plush white sands, Fort Morgan is the peaceful vacation spot you’ve been looking for.

Adventures in Fort Morgan isn’t just sandy beaches. The Fort Morgan Trail stretches eleven miles on flat, walkable land. The trail is also great for bikers. The woods that line the path are a coastal blend of roots and forest with sand and the scent of salt on the breeze coming from the ocean nearby. It’s a relaxing way to spend the day away from the sweltering beach. Take cover from the Alabama sun under the canopy of trees that hang over the stretch of the trail, granting just enough sunshine to feel the day, but enough shade to escape it.

Breathtaking Views

Fort Morgan is often voted one of the best places in the Gulf Shores to watch a sunset. The brilliance of the setting oranges and pinks, fusing with the various shades of the sun’s many colors as it sinks into the horizon, is a spectacular sight to behold. The sunset casts gleaming light over the once emerald waters of the Fort Morgan beaches. It shines completely and for all to see, painting the serene town with the most incredible colors as the day comes to its end. It’s a perfect way to round out a day in Fort Morgan. There’s no better way to experience all this town in Alabama has to offer than when viewing it at both ends–daylight and its end.

Waterfront Rentals

July is the peak of the summer season, especially here in Alabama, and what’s great about the Poole and Associates rentals is that they are on the water. Equipped with accessible access to the beach, the rentals are not far from the water. There’s nothing more inconvenient than walking a distance under the hot sun and carrying all of your beach belongings, especially after the beach day is done. Wet, sandy, and tired, when you rent with Poole and Associates, you’ll just be a small distance from your rental. For your convenience, there is also a pool if the salt of the ocean becomes too much.

Poole and Associates rentals are spacious and open. With plenty of room for the whole party, no one will feel cramped. Each rental is equipped with a fully functioning kitchen so you can make your favorite meals or try some new recipes while you’re on vacation. The floorplans are open, so while someone’s at the stove, they won’t feel left out of any living room conversation or whatever is on the television.

Historical Fort Morgan

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July–a holiday dedicated to the history of the United States’ freedom–than to spend time with the past? Fort Morgan Historic Site, located at 110 AI-180, is a 19th-century military fort. This incredible remnant was active in four wars: the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and both World Wars. Fort Morgan has local significance, too. The Fort played a pivotal role in the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864. When you visit Fort Morgan, you’ll see the brilliance of the Fort’s strategic seacoast defenses. If walls could talk, imagine the stories the walls of Fort Morgan could tell. Now, that doesn’t have to be a hard thing to imagine. So come down to Fort Morgan and let this site tell you for itself its story. After seeing the Fort, head to the museum for more history, then the gift shop to take some of it home with you.

The best part of visiting Fort Morgan? Everything you visit at the historic site will be covered under the cost of admission! Adults enter for $8 a person; senior citizens and children enter for $5.

Come Enjoy Adventures in Fort Morgan

Fort Morgan can’t wait to welcome you for the Fourth of July holiday and the others after that. This hidden gem of a town roars with teeming excitement and history that speaks so loudly it seeps into the spaces around it and imbues itself into the culture of the town. There’s nothing quite like visiting a small town with a big heart and an even bigger role of importance to the United States. Fort Morgan is the place to be this Fourth of July.