It almost sounds as if we are cheating on summer when we say that fall is our favorite season but there is something almost magical about the Autumn season in Fort Morgan. The humidity lessens, the temperatures lower, and the whole area quiets down as the summer crowds dissipate and kids head back to school. We stay outside longer even as the sun sets earlier, we laugh louder and play harder, and when your fall journey involves a visit to our Alabama hometown and a stay in one of our Poole & Associates comfy cottages the magic of the season will burrow into your heart as well! This guide to the happiest Alabama fall activities Fort Morgan, Alabama will firmly place your fall escape to Fort Morgan on your personal list of best vacations ever!

Rise with the Sun 

Ok, vacations are meant to be times where you sleep in as late as you want, but we hope that you take at least one day of your getaway to enjoy a Fort Morgan sunrise. Stepping out on the balcony of your sanctuary or walking over to where you can see the eastern sky and watch the cacophony of colors that cycle through the sky. Those early moments when the inky blackness fades to a charcoal gray and when the first streaks of pink begin to highlight the landscape, your heart will start to beat a little faster in anticipation. Finally, the vibrancy of fiery reds, oranges, and even the occasional fuchsia fills the sky, spotlighting the leaves on the trees below that have seemingly changed from verdant green to their only fiery hues overnight. This moment in time promises to be one you will remember forever, even as you slip back between the silky linens that top our premium mattresses and fall back to sleep for a couple of hours more!

Pancakes for Breakfast

Pancakes are great any time of the year, but in the fall, they seem to taste even better as their sweet warmth creates a balance to the cool morning air. Tacky Jacks Fort Morgan, 1577 AL-180, is known for their delicious dinners and lunches and is loved for its mouthwatering pancakes! Stop in after your sunrise viewing session, grab a seat with a view of the waters that make this part of Alabama special, and as you eat your pumpkin pancakes (fall flavors are so spicy!) staring out onto the sea, you will now understand why fall is your favorite season of all!

Explore Wade Ward Nature Park, 500 Gulf Shores Parkway

Offering walking trails and breathtaking views, Wade Ward Nature Park is a 4 season playground that sparkles brighter in the fall. Follow the boardwalk through the wild and untamed beauty of the foliage that may have already begun to “dress for fall” watching blue herons fishing for their meals and keeping track of the variety of birds you see along your hike. The park is one of the Alabama Coastal Birding Trail Sites and fall is when the migrations start, so visitors are destined to see a large variety of birds flying in from all over the nation! The boardwalks rise over the wetlands and on occasion alligators can be seen skimming just under the surface of the water, but you will remain safe and unmolested on the boardwalk above.

This Way to the Beach

September through November is the best time to visit this area of the country as many travelers have already returned to their real-life responsibilities and the beaches may feel as if they are your own personal playground! Spread out and relax as you frolic in still warm waters, feeling the sun kiss your cheeks as the waves tickle your toes. Build sandcastles at the shore’s edge with your littles, try your hand at boogie boarding, and let the serenity of the sea fill your soul. A cooler filled with your favorite snacks, sandwiches, and beverages will allow you to spend the entire day at the beach, and an umbrella stuck into the sand will give shade when your skin begins to pinken.

Enjoy Alabama fall activities in Fort Morgan, Alabama

The lazy and wonderful days of your fall vacation in Fort Morgan will charm even more as you spend your nights relaxing in the peace, comfort, and luxury found in our Poole & Associates seasonal sanctuaries. Bake a batch of rich and gooey brownies to enjoy with the spicy mulled wine you made your beverage of choice, turn the state-of-the-art smart and cable TVs to the spooky movie channels, and end every day with a sunset walk along the beaches that flow not far from your escape! Every minute spent with us will be the most comfortable one when you choose Poole & Associates; contact us and reserve your favorite fall escape today!